Vacant Homes

Why You Need a Vacant Home Manager

The first and most obvious reason to have a vacant home manager is because leaving a property empty for extended periods of time leads to problems both inside and out. Problems will vary depending on what season the home is left vacant but let’s briefly take a look at some of these potential problems.

  • The lawn and landscaping plants will grow out of control.
  • Weeds will take over flower beds, gravel, and lawn.
  • Rain gutters will accumulate leaves and clog.
  • Sprinkler systems will need to be set properly, sprinkler heads may have broken and will flood.
  • Sprinklers will need winterizing to avoid freezing and breaking.
  • Mail, fliers and newspapers will pile up acting as a calling card to would be burglars.
  • If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will see how serious the copper theft situation is on vacant homes. Thieves target vacant homes and rip apart the walls and appliances to steal copper wiring and plumbing pipe.
  • Pipes may freeze due to the heater not being on.
  • Infestations of insects and rodents may occur.
  • If a pipe bursts or roof leaks the home will continuously be damaged until you return.
  • When toilets and sinks are not run often the P Traps in the plumbing system become dry and will allow methane gas from the sewer to seep up through the pipes and enter your home. This definitely wouldn’t leave a good first impression on a potential buyer nor would it be a nice welcome home to you.

Another reason to have vacant home management is for insurance purposes. Many insurance companies have strict stipulations that require the home to be occupied or at least maintained and visited regularly. You will probably find that your home insurance states that someone has to be physically present at least once every so many weeks or so. You may also find that insurers won’t cover you if you if your home is vacant for more than 90 days, unless they expressly agree to do so through an endorsement. An empty home is more susceptible to damage and burglary so insurers are not willing to take the risk. Also, home buyers are aware of the dangers and risks associated with buying a vacant home so offers will be consistently lower than that of an occupied home. Make sure to check your policy because additional coverage may be necessary to protect your investment.

Inquire About Our Services


During your extended absence from your home we have professional property managers visit the home regularly to inspect for common issues that can arise from a home being vacant. We fill out a complete inspection report for your records and can email you the report upon request. There are companies that offer services that allow tenants to occupy your home during the time of vacancy but if you would prefer not to have your home occupied, AIM Properties has the answer.

Exterior Inspection


  • Inspect for signs of theft, vandalism, damage or other disturbance.
  • Check that all windows and entryways are secure.
  • Check the security system is set and working properly.
  • Check that all inside lighting timers are set accordingly.
  • Visual inspection for signs of pest or unusual insect activity.
  • Visual inspection of walls, ceiling, tubs, showers and sinks for evidence of water damage, leakage, or mold or mildew.
  • Check and adjust the thermostat to correct temperature.
  • Check the freezer, refrigerator, and disposal to insure they are working.
  • Visually check that Hot water heater does not have leakage.
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors ( costs of batteries will be charged to client)
  • Check fuse box for tripped breakers or evidence of a power surge.
  • Flush all toilets.
  • Visual inspection of the Heater/ Air Conditioner.
  • Start automobile (upon clients request)
  • Water Plants (upon clients request)
  • Add chemicals per owner’s instruction to hot tubs/ pools. ( We do not check water levels or ensure that chemicals are balanced)