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Let Us Manage Your Denver Rental Property

Our Full Service Management Price in Denver will be 8% plus a leasing fee of half the first months rent.

AIM Properties sets the standard for property management service in the greater Denver area. We understand that you have a valuable real estate investment that requires protection and performance. We provide the personal attention and proactive service you need to maximize profit potential and deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Worry-Free Property Management

Property management is no easy task. In order to protect your investment and maximize the money it makes for you, you have to be able to confidently answer YES to questions like:

  • Am I in control of receiving my rental income on time?
  • Am I in control of my finances?
  • Am I in control of rents deposited to my bank account?
  • Am I being competitive in the rental market?
  • Could I be renting my property for more money?
  • Am I aware of the most successful ways to advertise my listing?
  • Have I accounted for enough maintenance spending in my budget?
  • Am I fully aware of all the new tenant/landlord laws?
  • Am I utilizing the most updated legal forms and disclosures?
  • Am I protecting my investment from lawsuits?
  • Am I available 24/7 for phone calls?
  • Am I comfortable with performing frequent on-site inspections of my property?
  • Am I available to attend court in eviction cases?

AIM Properties relieves you of the hassle and worry that comes with property management. We do the work required to preserve your property’s value and generate steady rental income.

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What We Mean by Full-Service Property Management

AIM Properties offers a level of service that surpasses other property management companies in the greater Denver area. When you contract with us for property management service, you get:

  • Customized advertising and marketing campaigns that find qualified tenants fast
  • Full credit, employment, residency and criminal background checks on all applicants to minimize risk
  • Preventative maintenance plan to ensure proper upkeep at the lowest possible cost
  • On-call maintenance for your property tenants
  • Recommendations for property improvements to increase property value and rental income
  • Three-month and yearly walk-throughs to assess property condition
  • Bill pay service for utilities, association, fees, etc. (upon request)
  • Lease and disclosure documentation updated to incorporate the latest changes in landlord/tenant statutes
  • Monthly statements
  • FREE direct deposit
  • Representation at eviction proceeding
  • We charge a ONE TIME initial leasing fee of half of one month’s rent from start up. Our monthly management fee depends on your management needs our fees start as low as 8% management fee which is one of the lowest in Denver. With AIM Properties there are NO HIDDEN FEES to our owners, we charge 8% of the "collected rent" which means we only get paid if you get paid. Some companies claim there are no hidden fees which is true as long as you read all the really fine print in their 50 page contract. 
  • Our low 8% management fee includes the following: 
    •  Move-in inspection
    •  90 Day Inspection
    •  270-day inspection 
    • Move-out/renewal inspection
    •  $2000.00 in excess tenant damages beyond damage deposit 
    • $2000.00 in eviction coverage.
  • We are a fully licensed and insured property management company in Denver.
  • We handle all communications with the tenant. We handle all calls concerning anything and everything about your property with the tenants from rent to maintenance requests. The only person you need to talk to is your assigned property manager….that is it.
  • We complete all lease and disclosure paperwork.
  • We send monthly and annual statements, detailing all income and expenses.
  • We will assign you with one Property Manager to work with.
  • We only utilize contracted licensed and insured maintenance professionals. We also have lead based paint specialists for homeowners in need of maintenance on an older property which is required by law in Denver.
  • We DO NOT charge for advertising.  At AIM Property Management we feel it is our job as a property management company to rent your home at any cost. We will make sure your property gets noticed on our website, our custom Facebook page, on Zillow and several other websites and publications around Denver.
  • AIM Properties is taking a whole new approach on property management. Our research has shown that the majority of our renters are digitally minded. At AIM Properties we will showcase your rental properties on every social venue available, with style and 3d imaging walkthroughs. 
  • As property management is NOT our hobby, we guarantee you only see the results.
  • VACANCY is not in our vocabulary and we can prove it!
  • Don't need full service management. At AIM Properties we will get your home rented for a one-time fee of ONE Month's rent.

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